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Sir Edgar Carpenter - 2014 - Rage (reissued version)

Sir Edgar Carpenter - 2014 - Rage (reissued version)

I'm from Mexico City. I'm hobby experimental musician, mainly focused into noise and musique concrete. I started making my own art in 2008, but I decided to make my debut on Internet in 2010. I'm part of the Ruido Latino's scene since 2011.

The intention of this blog is just for posting my albums. The articles that you will read here, are written by my friend Daniel Kurt. If you like some of my works, let me know your opinions about them.

As a experimental/noise artist, I'm available to work on splits, collaborations, compilations or remixes. If you are interested on something like that, just write me at: siredgarcarpenter@hotmail.com. Also, I'm owner of a netlabel called Scriptsound Recordings, and a sublabel, Staika Records, so if you want to share something with me, maybe we could release it on them.

And remember after all
Peace, Love & Experimentalism!
Sir Edgar Carpenter


De un visitante del blog, les dejo la referencia.


01. Rage#1
02. Rage#2
03. The Rise Of The Great One


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